After years of war, political conflicts and social unrest, Afghanistan’s education system is one of the weakest in the world, affected the country’s ability to rebuild and sustain itself.Afghan Education for a Better Tomorrow (AEBT 501(c) 3) is a nonprofit organization, committed to help create an educational system that will help prepare Afghan women, men and children for a better tomorrow. AEBT is also developing program to ensure that the nation’s health needs and goals are met, particularly the needs of the vulnerable populations, such as women and children.

It is the organization’s hope to make some valuable and constructive contributions both in the health and education sectors in Afghanistan. As the founding members of AEBT, we believe that both education and health care constitute the most important but basic cornerstone of the Afghan society for survival and progress in the 21st century.

AEBT does not have any operating and overhead cost. All members are volunteers and work for the benefit of Afghanistan. Your donation goes 100% to Afghanistan for education and health care.

AEBT Herat New Vocational School
AEBT established a new vocational school in Herat.

AEBT/ SHSVOA  Midwifery Class 2012 Graduation Ceremony

Dr. Nahid Aziz AEBT Vice President attended a round table discussion at The White House

Ghulam Feda President of Afghan Education for a Better Tomorrow, presenting a  certificate of appreciation to congressman Don Ritter for his participation in Rebuild Afghanistan Summit at UCLA.  See more pictures