• Who we are

    We are a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization based in California and is registered in Alaska. Founded by Afghan Americans as an all volunteer group, we are dedicated to serving the people of Afghanistan. AEBT is also registered in Afghanistan as an NGO.AEBT does not have any operating and overhead cost. All members are volunteers and work for the benefit of Afghanistan.

  • Mission Statement

    To empower the Afghan people through building knowledge and skills development in the areas of education and health in Afghanistan.

    AEBT is also developing program to ensure that the nation’s health needs and goals are met, particularly the needs of the vulnerable populations, such as women and children.

  • Objectives

    1-Increase awareness of the Afghan people in education.

    2-Improve understanding of basic healthcare services.

    3-Promote understanding and establish viable activities towards economic self reliance.

ABET News & Editorial

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