AEBT Women Capacity Building

Empowering women to help other women and their children is a solution that can be implemented immediately and rather easily.

AEBT is committed to assisting in the following ways:
1.    Provide training to midwives and early childhood health educators.
2.    Provide regular workshops to reinforce the basic teachings and facilitate follow up.
3.    Develop a basic comprehensive pre and post natal hygiene and sanitary care material.
Partnership with Soholat Health Services & Vocational Organization for Afghans (SHSVOA)/ AVICENNA E. V.) of Khiar Khana Kabul 2011

*AEBT established a partnership with SHSVOA to provide a fully equipped computer classroom with lessons for literate women who have graduated from high schools and colleges but are not employable because of a lack of computer skills.
The ladies enrolled in our computer-training program are given the skills to become certified, making thssistantem employable, self sufficient and able to support their family.
A Midwifery Assistant training program, under the direction of the Ministry of Public Health and in consultation with the Afghanistan Midwifery Association and the medical advisors of the AIVCENNA Board of Directors, has been developed and will begin in mid September 2011. Widows and indigent single mothers will participate in this specialized program that will not only allow these women to become self-employed but help to lower the astronomical rates of infant and mother mortality at childbirth.
Graduating students are provided with a Midwifery Assistant’s kit that will enable them to become productive immediately.


Rebuild Afghanistan Summit Masood Sattari’s Rebuild Afghanistan Summit (RAS) was welcomed into the AEBT organization in January 2011 and Rebuild Afghanistan Summit became a project of AEBT. Locations for this year’s RAS are: San Francisco Bay area, Southern California and Washington D.C and New York City. Asma Eschen was selected to serve as Executive Director for Northern California and Mike Whipple Executive Director Hasan Nouri Associate Executive Director for Southern California events.

Please see the Rebuild Afghanistan Summit website for more information and don’t hesitate to volunteer for this great annual one day event whose mission is to
Mobilize the local community to get involved with the organizations and businesses that are working to improve the lives of the people in Afghanistan Provide a platform (at a one-day annual event) to help the organizations and businesses expand their projects to improve the lives of the people in Afghanistan


Visit the RAS website at

Rebuild Afghanistan Summit 2010 Southern and Northern CA

Rebuild Afghanistan Summit 2011 Washington DC

Rebuild Afghanistan Summit 2012 at UCLA

Gardez School Project

AEBT extends its mission to improve education by building a school, Gardez school project, in a village near Gardez, in the province of Paktia, two hours from Kabul. Because her father and grandfather had deep ties to the village, MumtazSoleman and her brother were able to enter this traditional tribal community with an offer of aid. With funds from AEBT, she was able to drill a well and introduce the idea of building an elementary school. During the Taliban area a 16-year-old girl with a sixth grade education taught the young girls, clandestinely, in her family’s home. Although most of the adults in the village are illiterate, these leaders understand the importance of education in their fast changing society, including the importance of education for girls.
The funds raised by the Afghan Arts and Culture Festival in Nov. 2010 will be applied to the Gardez project.
Currently, the project has been delayed due to Gardez being under a government reconstruction plan. The building of private buildings and schools has been halted until further notice. AEBT will continue to update with the latest news.

The Books Have Arrived!

AEBT has distributed hundreds of books to students in the tent schools in the Chaman-e-Babrak camp. In addition, with support from the Lamia Afghan Foundation, students will be receiving backpacks filled with school supplies.

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Taking the Schools to the Children

Afghan Education for a Better Tomorrow has set up four tent schools in the Chaman-e-Babrak (Taimanee/Khairkhana) and Char-rahi-Qambar IDP (Internally Displaced People) Camps. These tent schools have been supplemented with four teachers who will be able to educate community of 300 children.

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Opening of Two Literacy Classes for Women

A remarkable 90% of Afghan women in Afghanistan are illiterate. AEBT has hired two female literacy teachers to teach Afghan women and children in Darulaman area the basic literacy skills that are needed for them to succeed.

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Bringing Clean Water to IDP Camps

Generous donations to AEBT have gone to the creation of several water wells in IDP (Internally Displaced People) Camps. Clean and safe water is a necessity in Afghanistan’s developing infrastructure system. As the number of former refugees coming to these live in these camps increases year after year, the need for more clean water increases.

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Argosy University Donation

Argosy University in Arlington, VA has generously donated over 180 furniture items to be sent to Afghanistan’s schools and orphanages.

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Medical Supplies Donation

Zee Medical has graciously donated over $130,000 worth of medical supplies to Afghanistan.

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