AEBT launches the use of Tele-Education in Herat University

Afghan Education for a Better Tomorrow (AEBT) is pleased to announce that based on its mission and principles, it has been in the forefront of expanding opportunities by providing educational resources to various Afghan Institutions.
Top on its list is a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between AEBT and Herat University (HU) to establish a Tele-Education Program that pairs expatriate Afghan professionals in different fields - sciences as well as humanities - with HU educators and students.

Based on this MOU, AEBT launched Tele-Education at Herat University to improve the quality of education through integration of eLearning in the classroom, which exposes students and faculty to international best practices.
AEBT provides the needed equipment and operational costs as well as identifies potential collaborative partners among the professional expats community to set up supplemental seminars and lectures.
Herat University sets aside adequate classroom space, identifies specific needs for eLearning and supports these efforts through wider participation by its faculty and students.
Such partnership, believed to be the first with HU, are expected to be followed by similar collaborations with other interested colleges/universities throughout Afghanistan.